All About Dogs

Introduction to Dogs
The domesticated dog has been around mankind for centuries, not to mention hundreds of years. ButFido┬áhas been right there next to us through the thick and thins of history; although we weren’t always as friendly together as we are now, it seems that with time (and a lot of selective breeding) dogs and man have created a bond that is sure to last throughout time.

Dogs Throughout History
Although we don’t usually think about it, we as humans were not always so close to dogs as we are now… But that it because of one reason: Modern domesticated dogs all originated from wild, not to be tamed wolves. However, mankind managed to defy nature and befriended these wild and rugged beasts, forging a bond that would last through the ages.

Different Dog Breeds
All over the globe there are hundreds of different dog breeds from the massive Tibetan Mastiff to the petite Teacup Chihuahua. People have been selectively breeding dogs since they were first tamed as wolves. Although it may take many, many generations, humans have figured out that by picking and choosing certain dogs with certain characteristics you can mold a dog’s entire look just by match making!

Dog Training
Along with tweaking canine’s characteristics by selective breeding, humans have also learned over time that you can change a breeds behavior through training as well! For instance: Not only is the Miniature Dachshund perfect for tunneling because of it’s long skinny body, the dachshund breed is naturally drawn to the behavior of digging tunnels, all of which was brought upon by thorough training though the breed’s lineage. You can find great pet supplies online to help you make training easier.

When caring for a dog it is important to keep in mind that along with training, exercise makes up for a vast portion of your dog’s physical well being. While some dogs may require more exercise than others it is important to know what kind of work out is appropriate for your dog’s specific breed. Certain breeds will be fine with a daily brisk walk, while others may need a few hours of cardio.

Dog Illness
Not only is training and exercise very important to a dog’s day to day, but it’s imperative that illness treatment is available. Dogs are susceptible to many of the same illnesses that afflict humans as well, such as blindness, cancer, arthritis and even depression. Also, keep in mind that particular breeds may have genetic disorders that cause recurring disease or hereditary illness that runs common.

Why Dogs Make Great Companions
All in all domesticated dogs make wonderful companions. It seems that through their lineage, canines have developed a sense of longing to make their owners happy by any means necessary. Even if it means jumping into some hot water or walking across even the busiest intersection most dogs are devoted and willing to please.

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