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Taking Your Horse To The Vet

Most people who own horses will agree that their equine friend is really more like their child. You want them to be happy and healthy and just like taking care of a child you wonder when is the appropriate time to seek help from a doctor. How do you know when to call the veterinarian? […]

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Dog Training Techniques that Really Work

Training your dog to follow commands or even to be house trained can be a very frustrating process if you don’t know a few important tips and techniques that will help you succeed.  Here are just a few dog training techniques that really work: Begin by establishing a good relationship with your dog.  Learn to […]

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Setting Boundaries for Your Dog in Your New Home

In the wild dogs live in packs. They are bound by consistent rules and boundaries. The rules are made very clear by the pack leader. Each member of the pack knows his place and what role he plays. Pack survival is dependent upon abiding by the rules and doing so creates a feeling of security […]

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Tips For Keeping Supplies For Your Farm Animals

To keep operations running efficiently and successfully, every livestock production farmer needs various supplies for the animals as well as the farmland. These supplies include all sorts of items such as farming tools, protective clothes, bags of animal feed, waterers, buckets, and pails, to name a few. However, providing proper storage for them can sometimes […]

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Moving Out To The Country

If you’re tired of the modern complexities that plague life in the city, and you’re looking to move into a place that’s a bit more rural and small scope, you might want to consider moving out to the country. It’s a lot harder than you would think and planning for your dream home in your […]

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Setting up a Barn for your Animals

You can’t have a lot of animals on your property without having a barn or some other kind of yard structure. Your barn is usually the focal point of your property. You could have someone build it for you or you could build it yourself. Each approach has its own share of advantages. Don’t try […]

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Benefits of Raising Dexter Cattle

Raising Dexter cattle is not something new. This type of cattle are an ancient breed. They are the smallest breed of cattle of British origin and are bred both for milk and for meat. They are predominantly black in color, but can also be red or dun. Dexters are a mountain breed, which means that […]

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