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3 Tips For Training Your Dog

Growing up, my family was blessed to have a dog. It was a great addition to our family and I love him very much. Thankfully however, my parents or us kids didn’t have to train him. He was already fully trained when we gave him a home. That being said, I want to discuss three […]

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Taking Care of Your Dog

Pet ownership brings with it much joy, but also a lot of responsibility. As a dog owner you are now responsible for their health and well being. You can find primary dog products online to ensure you have the essentials for taking care of your do, but dog ownership should be about more than just […]

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Allergies In Pets

Much like humans, animals are susceptible to the uncomfortable reality of allergies. Dealing with allergies around the house can be a difficult thing to do because many allergens are effectively hidden in the home. From pet dander to dust mites, it is likely that your home is full of harmful allergens that can make life […]

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If Your Considering Becoming The Proud Owner Of A Parrot

You may be making an appreciable investment if you decide to purchase a parrot. This means investing plenty of your time, as well as money. You might have to spend over two hours per day taking care of your parrot; as would be directed by a vet Columbus Ohio. Some of the daily parrot care […]

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Visiting The Vet Office

Just like a person visits the doctor a couple times a year for a check-up, a dog and cat should see the vet. The vet can see things that are out of the ordinary just like weight that is in the danger zone or a blood sugar level that is out of whack. While everything […]

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Throwing A Dog Party

Today, throwing a party for your dog is more exciting than ever. There’s an amazing variety of food, games, treats, toys and decorations available. Whatever type of party you’re having, be it birthday, adoption, holiday, obedience class graduation or National Dog Day (August 26), there’s a large array of dog party supplies to help make […]

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What To Do With Your Pet While On Vacation

When pet owners go on vacation, they must decide what to do with their pets. Pet Boarding in Los Angeles provides pets with a caring and healthy atmosphere. This helps relieve the anxiety owners and pets experience when they are separated. Pets and owners have a special bond, and the atmosphere at a specific boarding […]

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Animal Adoption

If you are an animal lover, then having a pet for yourself, for your kids or a friend is quite a necessity. However, there are a number of rules that govern animal adoption. These rules vary from one place to another. For instance, if residing within an apartment building that doesn’t permit the residents to […]

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Taking Your Pet to the Vet

So you’ve a pet and are preparing for your first vet visit! For some pets, a trip to the animal hospital Dallas can be a traumatic experience causing considerable anxiety. The most common reason for this anxiety is simple fear of the unknown. As a caring pet owner, you cannot put your pet’s health in […]

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Taking Your Horse To The Vet

Most people who own horses will agree that their equine friend is really more like their child. You want them to be happy and healthy and just like taking care of a child you wonder when is the appropriate time to seek help from a doctor. How do you know when to call the veterinarian? […]

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