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Common Illnesses In Dogs

People love their dogs and want to keep them healthy. Like people, dogs get sick. Many of the diseases that are common among dogs are infectious and highly contagious. Fortunately, vaccines have been created that protect dogs from these serious, sometimes, life threatening illnesses. Vaccinations that are essential for your four-legged friend include: 1. Canine […]

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puppy party

Having A Puppy Party

Everyone loves puppies. Having a puppy party will allow friends and neighbors with smaller dogs and puppies to get together and enjoy their puppies and each others’ company. Planning a puppy party is not difficult and can be set up with little effort. The first thing that the host will want to do is determine […]

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Setting Boundaries for Your Dog in Your New Home

In the wild dogs live in packs. They are bound by consistent rules and boundaries. The rules are made very clear by the pack leader. Each member of the pack knows his place and what role he plays. Pack survival is dependent upon abiding by the rules and doing so creates a feeling of security […]

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Taking Care of a New Dog

Our last post talked about training your family dog. Now how do you take care of it. So you’re thinking about bringing home man’s best friend?  But how do you get prepared?  Dogs, just like anything worth while, come with a price, and not just a price tag.  Owning a dog takes time, patience, thought, […]

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dog training

Tips for Training a Family Dog

When your newest member of the family has four legs, you’ll find there are new challenges in helping him fit right in.  Training your family dog requires patience and a lot of consistency. Whether you’ve decided to try it on your own, or to see the assistance of dog training Seattle, there are several things […]

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Pet Pampering

Sometimes I cannot believe the trouble that some people go to for their animals and pets. Yes, pets are a part of the family but they are not the top of the totem pole by any means. Here are some crazy things that people buy for their pets. When you hear the words “computerized fish […]

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The Perfect Apartment Pets

Living in an apartment can sometimes make it difficult to own the pet of your dreams, but with proper nutrition, care and exercise, there are many wonderful animal companion options to be had. Dogs and cats can make great additions to your apartment family, but animals like reptiles, birds, fish and some small rodents can […]

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