Pets and Allergies

Pets and AllergiesAllergies are in a way the epidemic of the 21st century, and they are not exclusive only to us human, pets get them too. If your dog or cat already has them you`ve probably noticed some odd signs but didn’t` know what to take of them.

What kinds of pet allergies are there?

In general, your pet can have allergies that are caused by two things: the first being the substances that he inhales (environmental allergies) and the second the food he eats (food allergies).

Food Allergies

Just as some people are allergic to peanuts or strawberries, pets can also have food allergies. These allergies are caused by the food your pet eats and can result in various difficulties such as hot spots, scratching, soft stool etc. If you are not sure if it`s food allergies what`s wrong with your pet then the best thing to do is to get them examined at your local vet. Another thing you can do is expose them to a completely different food diet and see if the symptoms continue, this way you can eliminate certain foods that are harmful to your pet.

Environmental allergies

Allergies caused by the inhalation of certain substances are mostly seasonal. Some of them include allergic reactions to ragweed which are the strongest in autumn, pollen which is mostly present in the spring months of March and April and another common cause of allergies are dust mites, the last one being mostly active in the winter periods when a larger portion of the time is being spent indoors.

How do I know if he has allergies?

There are different kinds of symptoms all depending on the type of allergy your pet has. Following are some of the most common signs by which you can make a safe assumption that it really is allergies that are giving your pet a hard time:

-He is rubbing his face with his paws and scratching it against furniture
-Rashes and dry skin can sometimes indicate a food allergy. If he also sneezes and has difficulties breathing after eating, it may be that he is allergic to that particular food. Sometimes there is also swelling of the tongue as an allergic reaction.
-Hair loss is an indicator of chronic allergy

What do I do next?

After witnessing strange behavior with your pet, it is always for the best to get professional help at a pet hospital. With the abundance of information on the internet nowadays it is quite easy to search for the best ones in your local area. If you happen to live in Oklahoma City however, your best choice is the animal emergency and Surgical center at , they will take best care of your pet and make sure it gets the proper therapy.


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