Pets in the Home

Pets in the HomeIf you have a dog or a cat, you want to make sure that your home is also your pet’s home. It may seem insignificant, but treating your pet like it’s their home too can make them much happier and potentially even help them to live a longer life. These tips will help you to make your house a home to your pets.

Bed or Window Bench

Dogs and cats love to look out the window during the day because it keeps them from getting bored. Having the ability to watch passersby and animals outside the window can keep them busy for hours. In order to facilitate this connection with the outside world and keep their animal senses keen, make a nice place for them to sit by a window. For a dog this could mean putting a soft dog bed by the window so that they can watch out the window until they fall asleep; and for cats this means putting a perch or window seat in a place where they can get high enough to see out on their own. Dog beds don’t have to be expensive, you can find budget-friendly dog beds online or sew your own. The same is true of window seats for cats. Even an old pillow on a chair or window sill is enough to convince a cat to settle in and look out the window. DIY seat benches are also a cost-effective way to provide your pet with a lookout point. If the bench is large enough, you can even end up with a bench where you and your pet can sit and enjoy a lazy day together.

Free Reign

Often times when people leave their pets, they feel the need to coop them up by putting dogs in crates and cats in a closed bathroom or other restrictive space. Sometimes this is necessary to keep pets from being a danger to themselves (like in the case of pets that get into things when left alone) or prevent costly mischief. However, many pets can be trained to behave when left alone in any space. Letting your dog or cat have free reign when you are out is a good way to make your pet feel happy in your home. In the case of a dog, it can also help to keep your home guarded from break-ins.


Every pet should have toys that are appropriate for their species in order to stimulate their minds and keep them active. Safe toys should be provided to your cat or dog and replaced periodically to ensure that your pet has variety to keep them engaged. When toys start to wear out and break down, be sure to replace them in order to avoid choking hazards for your pet.

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