Verizon’s FiOS: Reliable and Fast

a2kd1Do you live in the Fairfax VA area? Do you need internet, cable, or phone service for the first time? Perhaps you already have had this service with a provider, but you are now considering other options now because your needs have changed. Well, there is a Verizon in the Fairfax VA area that can help you determine what your needs are, and they can offer various ideas based on what your goals are.

The two main factors that people evaluate when looking at all the different online options today are speed and reliability. How fast your online resource is plays a big factor in how long it takes you to download your photos, videos, or music. People look at “how fast” something is because that rapidly decreases the amount of time they have to wait for something. How reliable it is has to do with how dependable they are. It does no good to be fast if you are only fast 25% of the time. However, the general trend today is that it does no good to be dependable if you are the slowest resource around. Therefore, if you live in the Fairfax VA area and are looking for an online resource that is both reliable and fast, then Verizon can help meet this need.

How can Verizon claim to be so fast? They have a 100% optic fiber system versus the traditional copper system that the rest of the industry still uses. This online speed has even been recognized by PC magazine when they said that FiOS continues to set the pace for internet speed in the US. Another reason they are fast is that they set you up with a dedicated line versus sharing a line with others. This group sharing can result in your internet speed decreasing as the amount of neighbors online increases. This speed can be counted on being fast almost all time per Verizon claiming a 99.9% up-time.

If you do not like to wait long for a download or upload, and also desire a crystal clear picture when watching your favorite television show, then perhaps Verizon’s FiOS package deal will fit your situation. They have a nice package that can handle your internet, phone, and television desires. Contact the Verizon in Fairfax VA area to see if this FiOS package is available in your specific residential area.

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