What to Expect During a Home Remodel

You probably think you know what to expect with home remodeling. For instance, you probably expect to blow your budget because of some surprise problem. You probably expect to see your contractors in your home so often that you secretly feel like you should charge them rent. I know it is helpful to know what to expect than to anticipate disasters that may not happen. Here are some things to expect from home remodeling that can help you prepare.
Dust and Noise
These two things are like death and taxes. They always happen with remodeling. Whether you have Zipwalls or not, a fine layer of dust will settle in parts of your home that is far away from the construction. Noise will be never-ending. Saws, bellowing compressors, the thumping of nail guns will always be going. If you can talk to your contractor about how best to minimize not only dust, but order from spreading to other areas of the house. For instance, your contractor may tape off areas with plastic during certain sections of construction work. However, be prepared to see dust where it shouldn’t be.
Triumphant Joys
It could be the demolition of that tiny space you call a bedroom or the ugly tile that’s been on the floor since your home was built. Whatever you’re getting rid of you’ll experience the huge joy when you see the materials being dumped in the Indianapolis dumpster rental in your driveway. I definitely understand the “Thank God it’s finally happening feel.”
The Oh No Lows
You know things aren’t going to be perfect. Something will go wrong from contractors getting sick to ordering the wrong materials. So you have to prepare for what will and what could happen. If you need to move out of your home for 10 days, make sure you keep a worst case scenario in mind. After all, 10 days could turn into six weeks because the contractor’s schedule changes.
Here’s a little tip about making living bearable during home remodeling and the contractors happily working:
Find a way to keep pets and children out of workers’ way. Its sounds obvious, but sometimes many people don’t consider this. Also, establish a parking agreement between you and the workers. You want to let them know if you don’t want your driveway blocked or when to expect delivery trucks. Clear the work area of personal items as much as possible. You want to give workers as much space as needed to work fast and efficiently.
Nothing is perfect
OK, you know you envision your home remodeling project being perfect—everything shiny, new and in working condition. Well, sometimes it doesn’t happen that way. At the end of your home improvement project, you can expect one or a few things that will take longer to resolve than you anticipated. It could be a light fixture that arrived broken. Your contractor could tell you that he “ordered” the right wood flooring, but title arrived instead. In other words, it could take a couple tries to get everything perfect and the contractors out of your home.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been through plenty of home remodeling projects or this is your first one. It’s important to anticipate that everything will not go as planned. However, when you’re frustrated and mad and just ready to scream, remember one thing: the after party. Yes, after the workers have finished and you have your brand new living area, you may want to throw a quiet party just to admire the silence and the completed work. Alcoholic beverages are optional.

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