Why and How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

mosquitoSome breeds of mosquitoes do carry disease-causing viruses. Despite the fact that not all mosquitoes cause malaria, the insects can be quite a nuisance. If you sit in a mosquito infested place, the insects will bite and leave you with itchy marks. It is very irritating to have these tiny insects buzzing all over and disturbing your peace. At night, mosquitoes emit infrared waves which help them detect body heat. That is how they are able to come and bite you while you are asleep. It seems that, with mosquitoes around, you are either not safe or not at peace. The best way to rid mosquitoes from your yard is by destroying their breeding places.

Here are tips on eliminating mosquitoes from your home:

Remove standing water

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water. Some of the places where such water collects include ponds, empty containers and water puddles. You need to ensure that there is no standing water within your compound. If you come across stagnant pools of water, dig small trenches to lead the water away. Alternatively, dig up some soil and use it to cover the puddles. Rid your yard of all empty containers where rain water may collect. In case you need these containers in future, for example flower pots, put them somewhere in an upside down position.

Use mosquito repellent

Spray your entire yard with mosquito repellent. This will drive the pesky insects away. Apply the same on your water pond. You may also consider draining the pond entirely. There is also commercially produced repellent that can help keep mosquitoes from biting you as you sleep. Apply it on parts of your skin such as the face and hands. These are the places that remain exposed once you are in deep slumber. Mosquito repellent is made from pyrethrum extract and other ingredients that are known to keep away mosquitoes.

Install insect screen

An insect screen will keep mosquitoes from finding their way into your house. The screen consists of a mesh or net that allows in air but keeps mosquitoes and other flying insects out. Install insect screens on windows, doors and ventilation holes. Always ensure that the mesh is intact because at times it can tear leaving gaping holes big enough to allow insects through.

Install insect traps

An insect trap is a gadget that emits light and waves similar to the ones insects use to locate a human body. Once the insect gets near the trap, it is electrocuted immediately. Depending on the size of your house, you can have two or three traps at strategic points such as the kitchen and hallway. This will help take care of stubborn mosquitoes that survive the onslaught.

In case you experience a challenge in any of these methods, hire Mosquito Squad.

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